Why LiveHive

Find out why companies are choosing LiveHive’s powerful engagement analytics
and advanced sales force automation for their sales organization.

Don’t Miss Any Sales Opportunity

LiveHive gives you a powerful and integrated platform that accelerates the sales process and builds more revenue for your business.

How LiveHive Increases Sales

Reach more qualified buyers, faster with automated email and call scheduling

Build a bigger pipeline with click-dialing to easily and quickly increase your phone connects

Improve outreach messaging with pre-built email templates and analytics that show which templates get higher results

Speed your sales cycle with automated and proven repeatable processes

Give Customers a Better Sales Experience

LiveHive gives you engagement insights to provide a better buyer experience – so you can build customer trust, grow stronger relationships and outsell the competition.

How LiveHive Increases Sales

Address customer needs with page-by-page metrics that give you insight into prospects’ particular interests

Personalize sales outreach with messaging tailored to prospects’ pain points and needs based on engagement insights

Deliver more value to stakeholders with increased visibility into all decision makers

Faster prospecting with LiveClip email capture to quickly connect with prospects and companies from LinkedIn or any website

Maximize Efficiencies and Performance

LiveHive empowers your sales team to prospect, qualify and close deals faster and more effectively with advanced sales force automation and deep buyer-side insights.

How LiveHive Speeds Sales

Triple rep performance with automation that offloads routine and time consuming tasks like CRM data entry, manual emailing and blind prospecting

Prioritize sales prospects with engagement analytics and top lead ranking to focus efforts on more qualified leads

Streamline work processes with seamless integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, marketing automation and other sales technologies

Coach reps to higher performance with team performance reports to adjust rep activities and activity levels based on what works best

Find Out What Works – and What Doesn’t

Get more results – without hiring new reps – with a single, unified view into your sales funnel, rep activities and opportunities to improve sales processes.

How LiveHive Brings Sales Intelligence

Pinpoint the right prospects to reduce sales cycles with top lead ranking and automated engagement scores

Improve team performance with data driven insights on the activities and activity levels you need to close deals and build repeatable processes

Spot decision makers faster to speed conversion rates with engagement analytics showing when your sales content is forwarded and to whom

Easily monitor buyer engagement across the entire revenue funnel with integrations with best-in-class sales technologies, including InsideView and CudaSign from Barracuda Networks, and your CRM