Presenting the launch of an innovative platform that helps Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) utilize branded games to supercharge their sales & marketing efforts

SMEs burn through thousands of dollars competing with
multinationals to serve high-cost, low-engagement Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that result in

There’s a better way for SMEs to attract and
engage larger audiences for longer.

LiveHive SEAMLESS PLUGINS make it easy for small businesses to attract and retain audiences through sticky white-label games

Companies choose from our ever-expanding library of simple, fun games. They can add their branding and be published in as little as 15-20 minutes.

Neuroscience + economics deliver predictable consumer behavior and better ROI than PPC and CPA advertising.

Increased audience awareness, conversion, Average Order Value (AOV) and Life Time Value (LTV) through mobile-optimized, browser-based games that increase time on site and deepen customer familiarity with brand and messaging.

Seamless plugins and links for social, website, cart and email. LiveHive works across desktop and mobile.

LiveHive is Steam meets Groupon
discounts for ecommerce. 

LiveHive leadership knows game development, online sales and marketing

Patrick Womack 

CEO & Chair

  • Inspired over 200M downloads of 200+ apps and games across iOS, Google Play, and Amazon as CEO of Red Rhino Games
  • 16 years steering successful enterprises in online marketing, tech and energy

Soban Ahmad

Chief Financial Officer

  • Advised on restructuring and M&A transactions worth over $500M across online marketplace, telecom, energy, services and transportation sectors for private and publicly-listed companies worldwide

Oleksandr Klimenko

Chief Technology Officer

  • UX and product design specialist who’s steered
    200 projects from concept to product release, including mobile and web games, apps, AR, IoT solutions, animations and digital art

Aris Bonyadi-Rodriquez

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Deploys ad-spend that hyper-scales monthly visits and increases customer conversion and retention.
  • Boosts sales for hundreds of 3rd Party retailers on major online marketplaces

Ramin Shokrizade

Chief Product Officer

  • Pioneered the fields of Game Economics and Physiologically Driven Design (PDD) 

    Consistently designs games with hundreds of millions of downloads and multi-year lifespans using scientific methods to directly address unmet consumer needs without guesswork

LiveHive helps its clients to brand, publish and share games that drive long-session traffic and incentivize purchases

Gamers aren’t required to create a Game Hub* account to play –
but if they do, they can unlock more free features and rewards
designed to increase their engagement and loyalty to our client brands.

Our core economics are based on value-added paid
tiers making an attractive addition to Search Engine
Marketing (SEO) and PPC/CPA ad-spend 

The proposed features of the tier packages and pricing set forth in the above table
may be subject to change prior to, or after, the launch of the LiveHive Platform.

There is no set-up fee for any LiveHive tier.
All plans can be cancelled any time, except Enterprise,
which requires a  30-day notice to cancel.

Our best customers need a higher ROI from
their digital marketing spends

Under pressure from SME clients to get more out of their marketing budgets

That have a small internal sales & marketing team

Mom-and-Pops comfortable doing their own Facebook and Google Ads – but are doubting the ROI

Traditional B2B

Social, SEO and Content Creation (Blogs, Videos, Images, Animation)

Word of Mouth

Owned, Earned & Paid Social Media

Conferences & Trade Shows

Website & Google Ads

All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

Next Phase: Test-driving platform with pioneer brands
and ramp up our Sales and Marketing to B2B users

All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

Key performance indicator projections for 2022 and
4-year estimates of Revenue and CFO

LiveHive plans to raise up to $1.625M
principally for Sales & Marketing

LiveHive is not just about games…we offer MUCH, MUCH more