Getting started on Instagram is perhaps a piece of cake, but increasing Instagram engagement requires some effort. However, it is not as hard to achieve as you may think it is. 

So what is the hack to increase Instagram engagement rate? Well, this is what we are going to shed light upon in today’s blog. 

But before getting started, you need to know what the metrics responsible for deciding Instagram engagement rates are? Right? 

Now, we assume that you are ready to jump right into the blog. Let us get started. Read on!

How Instagram Calculates Engagement Rates?

Two things gauge the Instagram engagement rate:

  • Your no. of post engagements
  • And the no. of followers that you have


As confirmed by Instagram creators, Instagram post engagement calculation is dependent on multiple metrics such as:

  • Comments 
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Views


Now to calculate your Instagram engagement rate, you can use free online tools such as HypeAuditor. All you need to do is visit their website and enter your Instagram account handle, and Boom! You’ll have the results ready in seconds. 

So, if you have understood how the ER calculation is done, it’s about time that we should understand how you can increase it.

6 Tips To Increase Instagram Engagement 


Share Content That Audience Post About Your Brand

If your brand’s Instagram account has a low engagement rate, then lack of customer trust may be the elephant in the room. 

In this digital age, people are more inclined towards word of mouth. If they see other people talk good about something, they also start feeling optimistic about it. 

So if you have followers that are posting good stuff and sharing stories about your brand, you should go ahead and share that on your brand’s IG account. 

What good can it do, you ask? Well, not only can it display a positive image of your brand. But it will also make others aware of your happy customers, which ultimately aids in increasing Instagram engagement. 

Be Active And Prompt With Audience Questions And Comments

Answering your audience’s queries and responding to them in the comments section promptly plays a significant role in raising your Instagram engagement. 

Showing concern about your audience by resolving their problems or responding to their opinions about your brand will depict that you care about them. 

And why is showing concern critical? Because it helps you build a community and encourages more and more people to engage with your brand. 

Time Your IG Posts Wisely

One thing is certain: Your Instagram engagement level depends heavily on the number of impressions or views you get. The more people who come across your post, the more likely you are going to receive engagements. Obvious, duh!

So in order to improve your Instagram engagement level, you need to focus on timing your posts wisely. It means that you should post content at peak times. 

And what could be the peak time? The time when the majority of your followers are online. 

One easy way to get familiar with your audience’s peak times is to gain insight into your audience analytics. You can use several analytics tools for this purpose. 

By diving into the analytics of your followers, you will be able to know what time of the day or what day of the week your audience is most active on Instagram.

But one thing that you need to bear in mind while posting content on Instagram is the geographical location of your audience. Make sure to post stuff on your IG according to their local hours to receive maximum engagement.

Drive Traffic From Multiple Sources

Having a single source to drive traffic to your brand does not work anymore. In order to flourish as a brand or a business entity, you need to engage people and drive traffic from multiple sources. 

The best way to drive traffic from other sources is to mention your Instagram handle wherever you can, be it your YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, etc. 

Further, try incorporating your Insta handle in your marketing emails and email newsletters to get more people on board. 

The more people you can reach out to, the more eyeballs you will get, consequently increasing your Instagram engagement. 

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Hashtags, Stickers, And Gifs

Utilizing hashtags, stickers, and gifs the right way can turn out to be a gamechanger for your Instagram engagement. 

Research on a trending topic or what is going on in your industry. Then use appropriate hashtags according to the post. 

What a hashtag does is that it places your post before the audience interested in that topic. So using hashtags means that your reach will expand, and reach and engagement are directly proportional. 

However, bear in mind that hashtags are no less than a double-edged sword. If your hashtags are not relevant or you are overdoing them, your brand can end up looking spammy. 

Apart from hashtags, you can also create custom stickers and make use of gifs to get more eyeballs. Try including your brand identity in the stickers and gifs that you make. 

By doing this, you will not only be able to get people intrigued about your brand. But using gifs and stickers puts your brand before the public in the most effective manner. 

Be Consistent On The Platform

Consistency is key! We know that you have heard this phrase a million times, but it is a reality that can not be denied. 

So what you must do is be consistent with whatever you share with your audience on Instagram. Not posting content for weeks and ghosting your audience will do nothing but put your brand in jeopardy, which is the last thing that any brand would want. 

If you are really serious about increasing your Instagram engagement, then consider scheduling your content effectively. Plan what content you want to share and how many posts you want to upload per week. 

Consider keeping things simple and set reasonable weekly or monthly goals that you think you can conveniently achieve. 


Experiment And Be Patient!

Success does not happen overnight. As we said initially, getting started on Instagram may be easy, but receiving high engagement levels takes time. So stay persistent and be patient.

You can play around with the strategies mentioned in this blog and figure out what works best for your brand to increase Instagram engagement.

If you stay consistent, engage with your audience from time to time, and maintain a good online presence, receiving high Instagram engagement will become inevitable. 

So what are you waiting for? Start experimenting now!