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Here Is How You Can Get Instant & Tournaments Games On Your Website & Instantly Increase User Engagement & Profits

Build Your Brand With Instant Games

Instant branded games for any website! Rewards and discount codes in the most fun way possible. Plug in intriguing games to attract and entertain users on your website. Grow your audience and see your revenue climb higher. Integrate the plugin on your website and give... users an entertaining way to earn a reward. Instant Games do not require any signup, so users can land on your website and start paying well, instantly. Get started now, it is super easy to set up the plugin.

More Tournaments, More Fun, & More Sales

Fun, intrigue, excitement, all at one place. Create competitive and engaging game tournaments on your website in just a few minutes! Bring more users to your website with these fun-to-play games and keep them around for longer for better click-through rates and higher dwell time. Again, website visitors will get hooked and keep returning ... to your website over and over again to complete the tournament -- this time for more fun!! All they have to do is quickly signup and then start playing. With repeat visitors and a higher audience - your profits will soar. You can also offer users rewards, coupons, discounts, etc., to keep them engaged for longer. Install the plugin now and make your website more attractive and profitable.

Available game mechanics

Match 2

Match 2

Match 2

Match 2

Match 2

Match 2

Games Right On Your Homepage

Playfully scale your business. Retain and convert your visitors into raving fans with exciting coupons. Place the fun and addictive games right on your website’s homepage with Live Hive. Users can participate in games without the need to log in or go through a lengthy signup ... process. For example, when you set up Game Tournaments, users have to sign up using a short form and then they can enter any game tournament you have enabled. For Instant Games, website users can start playing instantly without the need for signup. The Live Hive plugin can be integrated with your WordPress or Joomla website in just 15 mins. Get the plugin today!

Frequently asked questions

How Can I Install Instant Games?

It is straightforward, all you have to do is install the Live Hive plugin on your website and follow the steps to set up games on your website.

How Can Users Play The Games?

Users coming to your website can use their email ID or phone number to start playing games in seconds.

How Will I Send Rewards Or Coupon Codes To Users?

You can send them codes or rewards through the phone number or email they have entered.

Can Players Share Results On Social Media?

Yes, players can share their scores and results on their social media profiles. They are attracting more people to your website as a result.

Does The Live Hive Plugin Work On WordPress?

Yes, we have a plugin specifically built for WordPress. You can find it by Clicking Here. In addition, the Live Hive plugin is also available for Joomla with other CMS plugins coming soon.

How Does Live Hive Help My Website?

The plugin enables you to offer fun and addictive games on your website. Thus, increasing user engagement, potentially bringing more users to the website, and giving you more potential leads/sales results in more profits for you.

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Games Extension

Get people excited for your brand with a custom game campaign that’s fun, engaging, profitable and super easy to put together. Go from sign up to launch in 15 minutes!

AI Chatbots

Keep your customers engaged with smart AI Chatbots that provide support and extract valuable information!

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