LiveHive - March 12th, 2021


If you are planning to install CRM software or upgrading the existing one, you should know about these five key features.  CRM software stands for customer relationship management. It is software that enables businesses, no matter big or small, to retrieve, analyze, and collect essential information related to their customer base. We are aware that

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TikTok Marketing - Is It Worth Your Time And Money
LiveHive - March 9th, 2021

TikTok Marketing – Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Until recently, brands have been overlooking TikTok as a viable marketing platform. The only demographic and unique ways that TikTok algorithms work has been primary factors for brands now considering TikTok. With over 800 million monthly active users, TikTok has become the fastest-growing social media platform. It is hard to ignore that. Still, the question

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Social media branding image
LiveHive - March 1st, 2021

Social Media Branding: The Ultimate Playbook

Introduction Social media is great news for businesses and brands. The best part is, both big and small brands can benefit from social media. When you know the figures, it’s easy to understand why business and consumer marketers almost unanimously believe that social media is crucial to building a brand. Brand awareness is cited as

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LiveHive - February 26th, 2021

Gaming Influencers for Marketing: How to Choose?

Introduction Marketing by gaming influencers is nothing new. For years, brands have collaborated with influencers from YouTube to Instagram to elevate their goods and services to their devoted, trusting fanbases. Yet, in terms of media influencers, there is a whole new market out there that advertisers have yet to understand fully.  Over the past decade

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LiveHive - February 25th, 2021

Marketing Strategies to Implement on a Shoestring Budget

Do you want to know three sterling marketing strategies? Do you have a small marketing budget but are determined to make an impact in your marketplace? If so, that is the right attitude! Let’s Begin. Keep reading to learn how you can generate amazing marketing results on a shoestring budget.  The online marketing arena, and

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LiveHive - February 23rd, 2021

The Playbook for Social Media Branding

Are you looking to embrace social media by executing a content strategy? It is a smart idea because 54% of social users navigate social media websites for product research—a higher portion than most people think! Therefore, it is a worthwhile marketing channel to tackle any industry to increase market share, brand visibility, and information about new

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chatbot marketing
LiveHive - February 20th, 2021

Chatbot Marketing: Pros And Cons

The advancement in science, especially in AI, has led to a rise in chatbots. The growth of chatbots has been so rapid that Facebook added more than 300k chatbots to their messenger in the last two years.  Back in the day, it was difficult for companies to manage the queries of thousands of customers at

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Impactful Brand Message
LiveHive - February 20th, 2021

How To Create An Impactful Brand Message?

Whether it is a clear and loud slogan or a company-specific tagline, the brand message is something that people acknowledge or connect with. The current advertising landscape, along with its opportunities, also offers several challenges to advertisers. By having an impactful brand, your company can create a memorable identity that encourages consumers to buy from

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the right marketing budget
LiveHive - January 27th, 2021

Where Should You Spend Your Maximum Marketing Budget?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Ads are popular marketing tactics that can either waste money or be an excellent return on your investment (ROI). The latter happens when you efficiently utilize the right marketing tool that fits your business. How much should the marketing

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email automation sales boost
LiveHive - January 22nd, 2021

5 Ways Email Automation Can Boost Your Sales

Email automation is a powerful marketing strategy that can boost sales and take your business to the next level. Are you struggling to convert leads? Use the proven strategies below to increase sales from email marketing. Paying specific attention to each subscriber does not have to be time-consuming. Email automation allows you to give each

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