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How it works

Engage Your Customers Even When You Are Offline
Never miss out on your prospective customers & engage new customers. The chatbox works 24*7, and you do not have to worry about any missed opportunity. The AI bot functionality will respond to the customers when you are offline, resulting in better efficiency, scalability, and sales.
Answers Custom Questions
Relax back as your customers get their routine questions answered at warp speed. Customers will get all the answers to their questions. The chatbot can answer the customer's questions, which means better... personalization on a more psychological level providing more meaningful details to the user, and boosting sales.
Chatbot Backed by AI
Enjoy the benefits of a chatbot backed by AI that answers more complex queries & gains a deeper understanding of customers. It can match the user-provided input to the predefined answers inside the database and respond... with the best possible match. Save costs on hiring efficient staff for the customer service department.
Multi-tenant Solution
Improve customer retention with the chatbot that ensures a more dynamic response by integrating custom APIs. Built with Elixir, the system is optimized for responsiveness, fault tolerance, and support ... for real-time updates. It designs, manages, and conducts a conversation with conversational AI and helps you save time and money.
Custom Chat Widget
A customizable chat widget that you can embed on your website and talk to your customers. The chatbot controls the flow of conversations. The customizable chat widget ensures the intent matching of the context and controls ... conversation flow by seamlessly setting the output and input context. The custom chat widget allows intent response generation to a customized API that can build and deploy.

Chat bot function

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Intercom Functionality
A conversational platform that's friendly, quick, and easy to use. Drive business growth and build better customer relationships with messaging that will allow you to link different messaging channels to your bots. Proactively engage... every qualified lead through various channels. It is a more scalable and more personal approach that provides customer satisfaction and faster growth.
Conversation Management
Long hold times, generic responses, and uninformed representatives are now in the past. Close, assign, and prioritize conversations and conduct contextual communications for better engagement rates.

Frequently asked questions

Does Live Hive chatbot provide better conversations?

Yes, our chatbot is designed to provide better conversations. The structure and quality of the chatbot are designed in a way that it ensures better conversations and answer your customer queries in seconds.

Is the chatbot right fit for my business?

Our Live Hive chatbot is known for providing seamless customer service across all industries, we are confident it will right fit your industry as well.

Is the Live Hive chatbot backed by AI?

Yes, Live Hive Chatbot is backed by AI that ensures automated first-level support. It will engage your customers even when you are offline. It is able to process natural language.

Can we embed the Live Hive chatbot on our website?

Yes, you can embed it on your website. A customizable chat widget that you can embed on your website will enable customer engagement 24*7!

How Live Hive chatbot differs from others?

Our chatbot offers dynamic response by integrating custom APIs. It is built with Elixir and is optimized for responsiveness, fault tolerance, and support for real-time updates.

How responsive is the Live Hive Chatbot?

Our chatbot is very responsive, and it takes only 0.30 seconds to answer customer queries. Have an interactive & responsive conversational experience with Live Hive Chatbot.

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