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email automation sales boost

5 Ways Email Automation Can Boost Your Sales

Email automation is a powerful marketing strategy that can boost sales and take your business to the next level. Are you struggling to convert leads? Then use the proven strategies in this article to increase email marketing engagement. You’ll see that giving each subscriber the needed attention can be completely automated.  Furthermore, you can automate

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marketing channel strategies

Marketing Channel Strategies you Shouldn’t Avoid

Have you saturated the potential of your current marketing channel? Then it’s time to look for new marketing strategies. In fact, you should be continually searching for new channels that enable your business to attract additional customers and improve the ROI of your marketing efforts. Deploying omnichannel marketing strategies has an 89% customer retention rate.

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influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing: Why it’s an Inexpensive Golden Opportunity

Influencer marketing is one of the newer ways of mainstream marketing that can provide an amazing return on investment. The idea is to leverage a social media audience by getting influencers to endorse your brand or product. In a nutshell, it’s a golden opportunity because many influencers are still not putting a correct valuation on

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