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Games Extension

Get people excited for your brand with a custom game campaign that’s fun, engaging, profitable and super easy to put together. Go from sign up to launch in 15 minutes!

AI Chatbots

Keep your customers engaged with smart AI Chatbots that provide support and extract valuable information!

The only tool you need to create a buzzzzz!

LiveHive gives you a single, deeply integrated, platform, well equipped with next-gen marketing tech as well as all the essential tools you need.

LiveHive brings all the bees to your yard!

With games, Al chatbots, social media tools and analytics, LiveHive gives marketers an ecosystem for digital campaigns that work on all fronts!

Drive Engagement

Get customers engrossed in your campaign with branded games and AI chatbots!

Increase Conversion

Use strategic purchase triggers during peak excitement and gaming highs for high converting campaigns!

High Order Values

Using Live Hive games to influence buyers into making economic choices based on neuroeconomic and data insight.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Make your brand more memorable and sticky with competitions, rewards, and referral campaigns!

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The year 2020 and 2021 have been nerve-racking for almost everybody on the...

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