Why Engagement Analytics Will Be the Bedrock for Sales Performance in 2016

Jan 7, 2016 in measuring sales performance , sales engagement analytics , sales outreach , sales performance , sales visibility


In 2015, engagement analytics gave many sales organizations their first look at how prospects interact with their emails and content. However, as we enter 2016, engagement analytics will play an even cheap jerseys bigger role, become essential for selling advantage, and turn into the bedrock for measuring sales performance.

Only engagement analytics give the visibility your team needs into every single stage of the sales process – from prospecting to qualification to conversion to close.

At the top of the cheap jerseys China funnel, stats show that half of a team’s selling time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.[i] As a sales leader, improving prospecting efficiency and effectiveness has become imperative. Engagement analytics help teams prioritize opportunities by showing the buyers that are the most engaged – and the buyers that aren’t.

Engagement analytics also provide a clearer picture of the qualification process. Sales leaders can see how reps follow up with prospects, how frequently, and the type of follow-up that delivers the highest HaCk3D response rates. If you don’t have data about your reps’ activities and behaviors, how can you improve team performance or your processes?

Engagement analytics support more intelligent – and more personalized – outreach. Aberdeen Group has found that companies that personalize content have up to a 36% higher lead conversion rate and that simply personalizing emails alone can increase conversion rates by 10%![ii]

Recognizing and understanding the roles of different stakeholders is also critical for conversion. According to Gartner Group, in a typical company of 100-500 employees, an average of 7 people are involved in a buying decision. By using engagement analytics, organizations are quickly and easily identifying decision makers. These tools instantly reveal all interactions –showing элитная when a sales proposal is forwarded and to whom Developers – be it the CFO or legal.

Everything in the sales cycle always has and will continue to revolve around customer engagement. How your reps interact with prospects affects your sales organization’s success more than anything else.

But today, in a digitally disrupted sales environment, analytics wholesale nba jerseys have become essential to do this. Engagement analytics give the insight your team needs Cry to find the right customer to engage with, engage with that customer in the right way – and do it faster than the wholesale mlb jerseys competition.

A new year always provides an opportunity for change and improvement. As we enter 2016, consider how engagement analytics can raise your team’s performance and accelerate the sales Image process. Best-in-class organizations are already adopting these technologies. Isn’t it time for your team as well?


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[ii] Aberdeen Group