Sales Leaders: You’ve Got the Data, Now What?

Mar 15, 2017 By Sam Quicke in b2b sales , data , sales acceleration , sales automation , sales tools


What if we told you that we could transform how your sales organization operates to gain opportunities that will pump up your business’s bottom line?

You’d want to hear more, right?

LiveHive’s sales acceleration platform integrated with InsideView’s targeting intelligence can deliver the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

By consolidating engagement insights from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel on one platform, LiveHive delivers integrated visibility with CRMs and existing sales tools. Announced in April 2016, LiveHive’s partnership with InsideView propels LiveHive’s functionality to even greater heights.

The InsideView Advantage

InsideView offers a robust portfolio of products—now embedded in the LiveHive platform—that puts the most relevant and actionable company and contact data directly into your sales and marketing processes.

From the start—12 years ago—when other data providers relied on human editorial teams to validate data from a single source, InsideView built the technology to analyze data with human-like logic, at speeds humans could never touch. The company developed algorithms to triangulate and validate various sources, resolve conflicts, and determine what information was most reliable.

InsideView’s proprietary methodology is still being used today to weed out irrelevant feeds and organize what remains into meaningful categories based on key business stimuli.

The company currently aggregates data from more than 40,000 sources, ranging from the New York Times to Metal Construction News, and even narrow-niche pubs like Beef Online. It continues to produce the industry’s most accurate, relevant data and intelligence, and has patents pending on several innovations.

InsideView’s 20,000 global clients—including IBM, Deloitte and United Health —testify to the fact that the InsideView platform makes businesses smarter, sales and marketing teams more focused and effective, and pipelines stronger than ever before. Here’s some partner/customer feedback:

  • “InsideView’s superpower is using intelligent data to provide companies with a consistent unified view of their marketing opportunity to align sales and marketing for greater revenue performance.” – Spring Lake partner Jeff Williams
  • “The scope and quality of InsideView’s data is unmatched in any similar solution that we’ve found.”
    Balihoo Marketing Technology Manager Amanda Cash-Crowley

Get Strategic Leverage With LiveHive

The sales tool buying frenzy of the past few years, although initially bringing enhanced productivity to sales organizations, began to backfire as sales stacks expanded to unwieldy proportions.

Today’s sales leaders are looking to give power back to sales teams by integrating their various sales tools onto a single unified platform. LiveHive’s next-generation sales acceleration platform, also introduced in April 2016, is the salve for the pain—and dysfunction—of disparate sales tools.

Our platform provides seamless access to best-in-class tools, like InsideView. Plus, LiveHive’s deep engagement analytics give sales leaders end-to-end visibility across the sales funnel to improve sales processes and increase sales rep efficiencies—for more effective sales outreach and follow-up.

Integrated with InsideView, LiveHive let’s sales teams quickly identify new opportunities and connect with prospects faster. Key features and capabilities of the new LiveHive platform include:

  • Sales management dashboard: New and deeper management analytics, including team-based management controls, opportunity tracking, and more granular prospect engagement scores
  • Dynamically scheduled email sequences and templates
  • Live prospecting capabilities, with the availability of API-level integration with InsideView, including simple and advanced search functions and the ability to easily import contacts directly into LiveHive

With LiveHive’s single pane of glass visibility, enterprises can now quickly and easily scale sales teams, simplify management and streamline processes. Visit us here to request a demo of LiveHive’s sales acceleration platform.