Sales Enablement Platform Closes Sales and Marketing Gap

Apr 20, 2017 By Sam Quicke in B2Bsales , sales and marketing , sales automation , sales performance , sales processes , sales productivity


The gap between sales and marketing teams have existed in organizations since sales and marketing came to be. Business leaders are looking to technology to rid themselves of this disharmony of team infrastructure once and for all.

Specifically, a sales enablement platform that integrates an organization’s solutions—from CRM to marketing automation—can provide valuable insights into customer engagement, team activity and processes, thus eliminating the finger-pointing that can originate from disparate systems.

A truly integrated sales enablement platform that seamlessly unites an organization’s technology solutions creates visibility into sales and marketing activities, establishing transparency for touch-points all along the customer journey from start to finish. Sales and marketing have shared access to reports on sales rep activity, prospecting, qualifying, converting and closing.

Bringing sales and marketing together

How does a top notch sales enablement platform bring together sales and marketing teams? Here is how:

  • Intuitive user interface/sales dashboard enriched with real-time data that provides actionable intelligence
  • Lead tracking and automatic ranking based on engagement
  • Connection with data providers that is tightly integrated with a domain-based lead discovery capability
  • Contact manager that organizes groups or accounts to begin the account-based selling process
  • Robust drag-and-drop capability for creating sales campaigns
  • Deep analytics to show what’s working throughout the sales process, including top email templates and attachments, page-level analytics, and campaign effectiveness
  • MQL report that provides deep insight into all leads imported into the system

With LiveHive’s Sales Enablement Platform, sales reps can’t “beat the system,” and marketing is kept accountable. Not only does the platform permanently close the sales marketing gap , it’s an end-to-end sales solution that improves performance. Organizations are leveraging it to drive profitability.

New opportunities as sales and marketing unite

LiveHive is helping businesses evolve their sales organizations to meet new demands. For instance, sales leaders are seeing processes once assigned to sales reach greater potential within marketing—now that data is better organized and analyzed. Case in point, the sales development team, which identifies, connects with and qualifies leads, could reasonably be better aligned with marketing than sales. As is, sales development reps (SDRs) pass the baton between marketing and sales.

In today’s business world, CEOs aligned with improving the customer experience are calling upon their marketing teams to more clearly measure the return on investment (ROI) of their initiatives. Marketers need the ability to measure the velocity of leads through the pipeline and, hence, increase it. To do so, they are taking increased ownership of sales development teams to help SDRs do a better job of providing sales with high-quality leads.

Feeding improved SDR leads into a sales enablement platform like LiveHive will strengthen the process. It should finally put to rest marketing’s complaint that sales doesn’t follow up on leads, and sales’ grievance that marketing doesn’t deliver quality leads. How are you going to close the gap between your sales and marketing teams? It has just become possible.