Rev Up Your Sales Team With Account Based Sales

Aug 24, 2017 By Sam Quicke in ABS , B2Bsales , sales analytics , sales automation , Sales Enablement , sales engagement analytics , sales management


How important is sales engagement in your sales cycle? You’ve reached out to your prospects, but you don’t know what your lead or account is thinking until they tell you. What if you could know? The biggest challenges sales reps face are knowing which account is most likely to close and how to drive the process to get the deal done. Wouldn’t it be valuable to know that each step of the sales process is working and to understand why it is or isn’t effective?

An Account Based Sales (ABS) Engagement Platform leverages the power of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to cut through the unknowns and give you just the right sales intelligence to close that important sale.

With an ABS Platform, reps can leverage advanced automation and deep buyer-based engagement analytics to gain insights to advance sales opportunities. Managers can determine what sales processes are working and why. Machine learning systems arm sales managers with visibility into team behavior, processes, and opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle.

It is important to concentrate sales resources on highly interested and defined targets and employ personalized and automated campaigns designed to resonate with each account. Sales reps can track and sort leads and accounts by engagement and sentiment. This allows your team to focus their efforts where they’ll have the greatest return.

Being able to track and analyze the core sentiment of contact replies with deeper level intelligence allows reps to predict intent much faster. Users can track sentiment over time, giving them a much better understanding of what is likely to close. This gives a clear view into which leads and accounts are resonating, and which ones aren’t.

Boiling the ocean with a mail blast is not productive. Using sales cadence capabilities, teams can quickly create automated drip and targeted sales campaigns. They can even set up rules to respond to specific customer interactions with automated follow up calls or emails within the campaign. Campaign sequencing dramatically increases sales productivity by up to 40%.   

Tracking the sales process from end-to-end is a vital part of the sales process. It all starts with prospecting. Reps can prospect with a multitude of tools. Domain based search tools and an integrated database provide the reps with the ammunition to start the sales process. From there, reps can qualify leads much faster using automated sales campaigns, convert leads, and create and track opportunities all within the platform.

With the time ABS Platforms return to reps, managers have leeway to ask their teams to implement newfound best practices that can add quality and speed to selling. For example, encourage reps to conduct more thorough research, and develop more personalized and accurate messaging to send out to their prospects. That will, in turn, increase the number of responses from prospects, and the amount of engagement with new customers.

This technology allows managers and reps to easily analyze campaign effectiveness and capture results. They can systematically review the metrics associated with each campaign and adjust or discontinue campaigns as needed. Analytics enable managers to justify the spend on specific sales and marketing programs.

Management is a vital part of the sales process. True engagement platforms include a data-driven Management Dashboard and MQL report where managers can track KPIs, processes, and outcomes. With a click of a button, managers can drill down to gain actionable insight into sales. They are able to see the entire buyer journey, from marketing lead to closed account. Managers can then analyze win/loss scenarios against the company’s best practices.

Rich data analytics powers sales management and coaching, including the Sales Rep Scorecard, for effective one-on-one coaching sessions. Call Recording and Monitoring allows managers to review and listen to calls being made by each Sales Rep.

An ABS Engagement Platform will not only give you a bird’s eye view across your entire sales ecosystem, it will improve what you see there. Sales Platforms relieve salespeople of the minutiae of everyday manual administrative tasks, which can take up to 64 percent of their work hours. It gives them back time to sell, which accelerates the sales process from prospecting to close.  Integration with popular tools such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Gmail and Outlook, allows reps to work wherever they want to work.

Using a leading platform like LiveHive, businesses are tripling sales rep productivity, increasing conversion rates by over 36% and speeding up quality connects up to 4x in order to lower their cost of sale and generate higher growth for the business.

  • Management and Sales Rep Predictive Analytics
  • Multi-Channel touch point tracking including email and document engagement
  • Global VOIP Dialer with local presence, voicemail drop, and call recording
  • SmartPath® Campaign Sequencing
  • Gmail and Outlook Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Identify Top Leads and Accounts

Sales Engagement not only gives you a competitive advantage but can truly change how you sell to the modern informed buyer. As your competitors adopt sales engagement solutions, are you? The question isn’t whether you need more sales intelligence, but can you leverage the right platform to get it. With LiveHive, you can.