Repeat Winning Sales Processes

Gain intelligence to strengthen your sales efforts from prospecting to the close.

Onboard New Reps Faster

Build a stronger team by onboarding new reps more quickly with established sales processes for your organization. Repeatable processes mean you can get your reps up and selling faster to drive more revenue.

Speed Qualification

Increase your team’s connect rates with a proven qualification process enabled by LiveHive’s automated email and call scheduling and top prospect prioritization. Easily prioritize team efforts where they’ll have the greatest return.

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See how LiveHive can get similar results for your sales team.

Drive Higher Productivity

By spotting the processes that get the best results, you can repeat them, making it easier to drive higher performance across the entire team. Speed your sales cycle by engaging with customers more effectively.

Use the Best Messaging

With analytics showing you the messaging that works best, give everyone on your team the most effective emails and content every time. See what email subject lines get the highest open rates with A/B testing.