Automate Your Sales Processes

LiveHive’s advanced automation speeds your team’s prospecting and qualification to boost sales productivity.

Instantly capture prospect email addresses, phone numbers, or LinkedIn/Twitter handles from a company website.

LiveClip Lead Capture

Connect and engage with prospects faster with the ability to instantly capture prospect email addresses, phone numbers or LinkedIn/Twitter handles from a company website. With LiveClip, your team can save time spent looking for contact data and improve prospecting efforts.  Email or call them with a single click from LiveHive.

Improve connect rates with LiveHive’s integrated auto dialer.

Auto Dialer

Simplify your team’s daily workflow and increase the number of prospects answering reps’ calls with LiveHive’s auto dialer. With single click outbound calling and the option to use local presence area codes, customers are seeing a 30% increase in connect rates versus calls from their company line.

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Simplify follow-up,
improve productivity
and increase efficiencies.

SmartPath Automated Email and
Call Scheduling

Boost your team’s efficiencies and accelerate your sales cycle with the ability to easily set up and schedule an automated sequence of emails and calls. LiveHive SmartPath automated email and call scheduling is effortless to use, with drag and drop functionality, making it simple to follow up, personalize outreach and increase conversions.

Give your team more selling time with shareable email templates.

Email Templates

Streamline rep workflows, ensure consistent messaging and leverage A/B subject line testing with customizable email templates. Using dynamic fields, you can create personalized templates that map to your prospecting, qualification and closing processes. With LiveHive’s analytics, quickly see the best performing templates to share across the team.