Analyze Your Sales Processes

LiveHive’s powerful analytics give you instant visibility into every stage of your sales cycle.

Quickly identify the best opportunities

Top Lead Ranking

Quickly pinpoint the most engaged and qualified leads based on actual engagement scores that are automatically synchronized into your CRM. Focus team efforts on the leads that will give you the best return.

Easily monitor rep behaviors in real-time

Team Performance Reports

See how frequently reps are engaging with prospects to make sure activities are completed at the right level. Identify behaviors of your top performers to make every rep a top rep with objective and timely coaching based on what works best.

Improve sales forecasting and buyer understanding

Engagement Analytics

Increase the accuracy of your sales forecasting with engagement analytics that give you the deepest insight into buyer behaviors. Get visibility into prospect interests and spot all stakeholders with contact information for recipients of forwarded attachments.

See what messaging works best

Email Template Reports

With analytics that compare email template performance, you can see which templates get the best results. With LiveHive’s A/B subject line testing, uncover the subject line that gets the highest email open rates. LiveHive’s email open and response rate analytics uncover the winning emails.