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Experience what LiveHive can do for you with a 30-day free trial. All trials begin on the PLUS+ plan, but when you are ready to buy, you can choose any of the plans that fit your needs best. More sales are just a click away!

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  • Standard
    $35/ month

    Billed annually or $42 month-to-month
    • For individuals and consultants
    • Single user
    • Unlimited content tracking
    • Unlimited prospects or viewers
    • SSL Security
  • Pro
    $495/ month

    Billed annually or $594 month-to-month
    • For larger sales teams and departments
    • Up to 25 users
    • Unlimited content tracking
    • Unlimited prospects or viewers
    • SSL Security

All Plans Feature

LiveHive Insights NEW!
  • View customer geographical engagement
  • Track top content and most active members
  • View Insights on smartphones and tablets
Social Selling
  • Share sales materials on social networks
  • Track who accesses what from where
  • For LinkedIn, view named individuals
Sales Libraries
  • Build a sales library with your team
  • Add any type of file, media or cloud content
  • Share and track content from one place
Build Teams
  • Invite your sales team to share sales materials
  • Role-based permissions
  • Share with an unlimited number of prospects
Rich, Active Discussions
  • Enable all or a select number of members to post and comment
  • Tag a post or comment to make it searchable
  • Get notifications when a member engages in discussions
Real-Time Activity Stream
  • Get live updates via browser extension, iPhone, iPad, or any Android tablet or phone
  • See who’s doing what in any shared workspace
  • Know immediately when members engage in discussions
  • Daily Digests sent directly to your email
  • Choose to receive notifications when someone has viewed your content
  • Stay up-to-date right from your email
Organize, Search, and Tag
  • Search any content, workspace or discussion
  • Tag any content or discussion in any workspace
Cloud Document Integration
  • Integrate Google Drive, SkyDrive or Dropbox to link and share documents
  • View and edit linked Google Docs and Office 360 documents
Admin Controls
  • Designate multiple admins
  • Set role-based permissions
  • Control who can see what insights and content
Mobile App Access
  • Access your workspaces from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet with LiveHive’s free apps
  • Add new content from any device

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