LiveHive Drive


[twocol_one]LiveHive Drive, based on WebDAV*, is now here! Now LiveHive is more integrated with your workflow, whether on your desktop or in the cloud.

With LiveHive Drive, you can:

  • Navigate to all your LiveHive workspace content directly from your local file system
  • Quickly and easily add content to a LiveHive workspace by dragging and dropping from desktop folders into your LiveHive Drive.
  • Edit a Microsoft Office file in LiveHive Drive. All changes made and saved in Office will automatically be pushed to the cloud.
  • Attach anything in your LiveHive Drive to emails. Select LiveHive Drive when searching for the attachment.
  • Access anything in your LiveHive workspaces by opening your LiveHive Drive in the local file system or from desktop applications like Microsoft Office.

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LiveHive Drive[/twocol_one_last]

Setting up LiveHive Drive is easy!

LiveHive Drive for Windows

LiveHive Drive for Macs (beta)

*Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files stored on World Wide Web servers.