Tick tick tick.. easy steps to being more productive

Boost Your Productivity

By Ramon Nunez

Falling into a rut at work? Power through any slump with a few quick productivity boosters.  

1. Unsubscribe

How often do you find yourself wasting time sorting through and deleting irrelevant emails? Newsletters, sales, and sometimes even plain spam can make your email cluttered and inefficient. A recent study found that email occupies up to 28% of the average worker’s day. Streamline your email time by unsubscribing from distracting email blasts and newsletters or use a filter to put them under a separate label or folder.

2. Isolate Yourself

Silence your mobile, close your door, and get to work! One of the easiest ways to get more work done is to put yourself on timeout and give yourself some quiet time with your next task. One useful technique is to divide your tasks into two categories. Complete your lighter tasks during open communication periods, but close yourself off from all distractions when undertaking more difficult, time consuming tasks. 

3. Time Chunking

Time chunking is a basic method for increasing productivity in any context. Set a timer for a specific chunk of time and direct all your focus towards a single task assigned to that time period. Taking short breaks between your time chunks keeps your mind sharp and rested. Time chunking eliminates the temptation of inefficient multitasking and distractions. This technique can also give you a little psychological boost when working on less enjoyable tasks – just glance at your timer and think, “Only 5 more minutes of data entry then I can take a break!”

Sound interesting? Check out one of the more famous methods, the Pomodoro Technique. This technique involves breaking your work into 25 minute chunks called “Pomodori” (Italian for tomatoes), and taking short 3-5 minute breaks after each chunk. After completing four Pomodori, take a longer 15-30 minute break.

These are three easy tips for streamlining your work in the office. Rise above office distractions and increase your productivity today!


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