Give Time Back to Reps With Sales Automation and Integration

Apr 10, 2017 By Sam Quicke in b2b sales , sales automation , sales performance , sales tools


What if I told you that sales reps could get back 15-20 hours a week by using automation. What would they do with that extra time? If this time is used correctly the sales team should increase their productivity by 40 percent. You can get more out of your current sales team by automation and integration.

You simply need to resolve their major pain points:

  • Administrative work: Up to 64 percent of a sales rep’s time is spent on administrative work. Cataloging immediately comes to mind. Reps must enter items from the product catalog into the CRM to form the basis of quotes, orders and invoices. They also perform many activities to move a prospect from initial touch to close—from scheduling appointments to sending follow-up emails to updating sales opportunities.
  • Task Management: How many yellow Post-It Notes must a sales rep stick to his wall before he can close a deal? And when do those stickies become more of a hindrance than a help in turning a prospect into a customer? Tasks are neither prioritized nor weighted for likelihood of success. Activities that may have proved fruitful are not identified and moved to the top of a sales rep’s to-do list. Important tasks easily slip through the cracks.

These pain points can be resolved when you integrate your CRM with a single sales enablement platform. .

Stuck in the past?

The history of sales includes time spent banging on doors and dialing the phone. Relying on gut instinct, sales representatives would pinpoint likely targets for their sales pitch and wares. It was a hit or miss situation. Plus, the companies that employed these reps had to trust that the work they said they were doing was actually being done.

There was little way to test which sales method or approach worked best. What worked for one company didn’t necessarily work for another. Salespeople were kept guessing and reinventing the wheel when it came to moving prospects down the sales funnel.

But that was then.

This Is Now: Automation and Integration

As technology progresses, it transforms businesses and disrupts entire industries. Sales is one of those industries that has been heavily impacted by technological innovations such as big data and cloud services. As sales organizations embrace these advances, they are gaining competitive advantage through faster and deeper insights, allowing them to identify and qualify prospects according to their specific needs and wants.

Forward-thinking companies are going a giant step further, getting a leg up on the competition, by implementing single sales enablement platforms rich with engagement analytics and advanced automation . The reward? Sales reps are given back time in their week,, helping them to accelerate the sales cycle and increase ROI.

Single solution integrations allow salespeople to focus on activities that generate more revenue.

Too many disparate sales tools clutter up the works. As sales tools are added to the stack, lack of integration between these tools decreases their effectiveness.

A unified solution, on the other hand, can boost operational efficiencies. For example, a sales enablement platform can automatically push and synchronize prospect engagement scores to your CRM, efficiently providing sales reps with top lead ranking. The status of all leads is then automatically updated from reps’ inboxes to sales leaders, verifying the CRM contains up-to-date data. Leaders also gain visibility into team behaviors and sales processes, including instant alerts and page-by-page analytics.

A best-in-class sales enablement platform can also provide seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook email. Sales reps and managers can see all prospect engagement, including email opens, link clicks and document analytics, without leaving their existing email client, eliminating any workflow disruption.

LiveHive Sales Enablement Platform

In today’s market, only one solution was specifically created from the ground up as a cloud-based sales enablement platform that automates sales processes for global enterprise sales teams: the LiveHive Sales Enablement Platform. To date, it stands alone in delivering sales technology “firsts” that solve key problems that face today’s sales organizations.

Take our integrated task manager, for example. Synced with your other sales tools, it automatically generates a to-do list for sales reps: phone calls, outreach, ad hoc tasks (like social selling), etc. The list is also automatically populated with client information that ups the rep’s game, building trust and enhancing the customer experience. No more post-it reminders stuck to office walls! No more tasks slipping through the cracks that might have accelerated a sale. Problem solved.

With our Sales Enablement Platform deployed in your enterprise, you won’t miss another sales opportunity.  Visit us here to request a demo or email