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Case Study: Seculert

About Seculert

Seculert is the leader in attack detection and analytics. Delivered via the cloud, Seculert combines machine learning-based analytics and threat intelligence to automatically detect cyber attacks inside the network. Organizations worldwide use Seculert to identify known and unknown security threats, while enhancing the effectiveness of their IT security investments.



  • Too much time writing and sending manual emails – reps were spending nearly entire days working on email
  • No insight into prospects – reps were often calling prospects with only with a name and phone number from Salesforce
  • Not knowing which prospects to call first – reps weren’t able to prioritize their sales activities
  • No understanding about effectiveness of process – reps had no ability to see which emails got the highest open rates or what process had the best response

Results with LiveHive

  • Increased rep efficiencies – with LiveHive’s automated and self-populated task list, reps start their day more efficiently with clear directions on who to call or email first
  • A $40K increase in pipeline per rep per week – with the ability to automate emails to large numbers of prospects, while still personalizing outreach
  • 30% increase in prospects answering the phone – using LiveHive’s click dialer versus the company line, Seculert reps get about 1 in 20 prospects picking up calls versus 1 in 60
  • 700% increase in meetings booked from email only
  • Streamlined work process – With LiveHive’s seamless integration with Salesforce, reps aren’t wasting time on CRM data entry
  • Warmer sales conversations – With analytics showing prospects’ interactions and potential interests, reps can more easily lead into prospect conversations