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Case Study: Operatix

About Operatix

Operatix delivers on demand sales generation for B2B technology companies. With customized sales programs, Operatix helps speed its clients’ sales cycles, build pipeline, and increase ROI on demand generation spend. The company’s services include: ‘C’ level engagement, building and optimizing channel development, pipeline generation and qualification, inbound sales response and account based marketing.



  • Difficulty identifying the right decision makers – reps needed a faster and easier way to spot key account stakeholders
  • Insufficient insight for sales forecasting – management wanted objective data on sales rep activities and prospect engagement levels to evaluate deal likelihood – beyond just meetings being put into Salesforce
  • Manual reporting process – sales activity reporting and analysis were done manually on a spreadsheet, a cumbersome process with less timely data
  • Connecting with more people faster – manual sales processes made it difficult for reps to increase prospect conversations and lift conversion rates
  • Time-consuming prospecting – without insights, reps couldn’t prioritize prospects, adding more time to prospecting efforts
  • Getting conversations with ‘C’ level executives – reps needed more insight to build stronger business messaging to increase connections

Results with LiveHive

  • Cut prospect qualification time by half – Prospect ranking and opportunity scoring let reps zoom in on the right opportunities
  • Increased pipeline by an average of 50% per client – with LiveHive’s email and call automation, Operatix reps have a multi-touch approach to engage with more prospects, faster
  • Doubled sales accepted leads (SALs) – as a result of speeding the sales process with LiveHive’s automation and using analytics to rank prospects, the Operatix team has increased SALs 2x
  • Gained nearly 2 hours of selling time per day/per rep – by decreasing time spent researching opportunities from 2 hours/day to under 30 minutes/day
  • More effective messaging – with insight into prospect behaviors and interests, reps are personalizing outreach and getting warmer conversations
  • Improved forecasting – through LiveHive’s automated and real-time management reports, leaders get instant access to objective data on sales rep activity, performance levels and buyer behaviors

“By letting us increase our rep productivity, we’ve been able to increase performance for our customers without any new resources or hiring additional reps. LiveHive makes it easy for us to accomplish more with less.”

Rob Westell