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Case Study: Annuity

About Annuity

Annuity Systems is a sales as a service company that offers a full suite of services – from data management and list building, through lead qualification and closing net new sales, and then to recurring installed based management and customer success sales teams. Annuity helps technology companies deliver customer success by maximizing their sales potential and building process driven programs that deliver revenue and increase pipeline.



  • Manual and time-consuming process for outbound emailing and calling
  • No insight on email and content engagement
  • Too much time spent on unqualified leads
  • Bad connect rates
  • Lack of understanding about how emails were being perceived

Results with LiveHive

  • Increased quality connect rates up to 3x – through higher email and call volumes with LiveHive SmartPath automated email and call scheduling
  • Improved visibility into sales activities – with LiveHive’s analytics, Annuity can see what reps are sending out emails and how many, what’s being opened, and standardize on the emails and content with a higher response rate
  • Greater insight into prospects’ interests – by seeing how prospects interact with emails and content, they are able to focus follow up on their particular interests