With the industry’s most comprehensive sales engagement platform, you have a complete view of your document’s digital journey, and unrivaled analytics to track it. Rank top prospects more intelligently and create a better qualified pipeline of leads, seamlessly in your day-to-day workflow, with LiveHive.
Follow your document’s every move.
See who views and shares your documents, where, when and for how long.
Jake sends off his sales document
He sees it’s been viewed by 3 prospects
But Prospect 3 spends 20 minutes between pgs 12-17
Prospect 3 forwards Jake’s document
Jake sees it was forwarded to the VP of Sales, and starts tailoring a follow-up
With a follow-up based on real-time insight, Jake quickly seals the deal
Everything you need to accelerate the sales cycle.
LiveHive’s complete sales prospecting tool kit fits seamlessly into your day-to-day workflow.
Get real-time analytics on when your document is being viewed, where, for how long, page by page, and even after downloads.
With meaningful insights right at the moments of engagement, filter out only the most qualified leads.
Present and share documents, track engagement, and get real-time insights right on your mobile device.
Attach documents from a number of cloud storage spaces, and automatically received LiveHive insights in your Salesforce dashboard.
Attach documents from a number of cloud storage spaces, and automatically received LiveHive insights in your Salesforce dashboard.
Receive location and profile information for recipients of a forwarded or shared document, and see which pages are engaging them.
See why people love LiveHive.
  • "Livehive tracks interactions for every touch point of the information that is shared, bringing some powerful analytics into Salesforce."

    Ian MurphyBusiness Cloud
  • "LiveHive’s analytics platform is designed to provide inside sales professionals with the tools necessary to find warm leads and ultimately close deals faster."

    Channel Marketer Report
  • “The LiveHive apps include shareable libraries, social tools and activity-based analytics, giving channel partners a single point of access to the most up-to-date business documents, campaigns and product materials.”

  • “For now, heavy Google users don't have anything like this, this is a great differentiator for Google users.”

    Brad ShimminCurrentAnlysis
  • “LiveHive’s new capabilities give us even deeper insights into a prospect’s interest, and because LiveHive is seamlessly integrated with our CRM, our sales teams can keep the focus on sales rather than wasting time on non sales-related things like working in two separate systems.”

    Jim Weldon, VP of Sales and Business DevelopmentInfinilume Corp
  • “LiveHive has launched a new sales engagement platform with robust analytics capabilities. The platform is designed to make it easier for small to medium-sized companies to keep track of sales activities, in particular organizations that rely heavily on channel partners, which have more opaque movements.”

    Sarah SluisDestinationCRM
  • “LiveHive's cloud service enables sales and marketing professionals to gain key insight into channel partner needs and activities. Channel partners are enabled with the business documents, campaigns and product materials they need to drive customer sales.”

    BYOD WeeklyBYOD Weekly
  • “Irrespective of their location, workers can quickly access the LiveHive solution via a Web browser, or over their tablet or smartphone thus driving productivity of an enterprise...Create visual and social workspaces with virtually any type of file or document” with LiveHive."

    Calvin AzuriTMC Net
  • “LiveHive - livehive.com - allows channel managers to gain live insight into partner selling activities. iOS app / single destination to get the most current business documents, campaigns and product materials and then analyzes who is using what and which materials are most helpful to channel partners.”

    StaffSales Enablement in a Sales 2.0 World
  • “LiveHive's approach to bring all of our content together into a uniquely visual and accessible workspace should be a welcome solution that increases workflow efficiency and caters to the BYOD trend.”

    Terri McClureZDNet
  • "Using PowerPoint Insights, sales professionals can drag and drop a PowerPoint presentation into LiveHive, share it with a prospect and immediately see which slides have been viewed and for how long."

    Enterprise Apps Today
  • "LiveHive is a single portal for updating, accessing, sharing and analyzing business materials for partners and sales reps through discussion streams, content libraries and granular permission controls."

    Joshua BjerkeRecruiter.com
  • "Sales professionals can use LiveHive to share, track, and organize all of their sales content in one place. With LiveHive, users can see who viewed what information from where and when."

    Destination CRM
  • “Ensure that employees can collaborate from wherever they are.”

    Katie IngramCMS Wire
  • “If you are suffering from information overload, a new app may be for you.”

    David MielachBusiness News Daily
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